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YORIP Terms of Use
YORIP Application Privacy Policy

Terms of Use of YORIP

Ver 1.2

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company") here defines the Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as "terms of use") for the application "YORIP" (hereinafter referred to as "this App") provided by our company.
Prior to using this App, our company requests that you read these Terms of Use and Application Privacy Policy and agree to them.

Article 1 Application

1. These terms of use defines the conditions under which this App is made available. It applies to all relationships involving the use of this App between a person who uses the services provided by our company through this App (hereinafter referred to as the "user") and our company.
2. The rules regarding the Application Privacy Policy and rules regarding use of this App that are published in this App by our company will constitute part of the terms of use. Our company may change the terms of use, including these policies and rules, as needed. The user shall be deemed to have consented to these policies and rules if the user continues to use this App after the changes are clearly indicated on this App.

Article 2 Use of this App

Using location information from GPS obtained through a device like smartphone, this App provides users with services, such as the provision of information on recommended or registered sightseeing spots through the PUSH notification to indicate proximity to such sightseeing spots, stamp rallies, and posting of comments on sightseeing spots visited, and by so doing aims to help the users enjoy strolling through town.

1. If a user submits a comment regarding a sightseeing spot, the comment and nickname of the user shall be disclosed to other users of this App. The user agrees that any comments written by the user may be used by our company on other websites, pamphlets, commercials and other media regarding the particular sightseeing spot, and may allow third parties to use the comment.
2. Our company shall not take part in any disputes or problems regarding the use of this App that arise between the user and another user or third party. We shall not compensate for any damages incurred by the user or others.
3. The user acknowledges that use of this App requires an Internet connection or similar connection, and will bear all costs, including the cost of acquiring and maintaining the equipment, connection fees and costs incurred by other communications that are charged to the user prior to using this App.

Article 3 Prohibited items

1. The user shall not use this App in the following manner:
(1) Transmitting information related to privacy that others do not wish to be disclosed, such as personal identification information, by using a nickname or submitting such information in a comment.
(2) Actions that infringe others' copyrights or other rights, or actions that infringe on others' profits (including the illegal use of others' logos or trademarks and the leakage of confidential information).
(3) Actions that subject others to unjust treatment or slander, stimulate unjust discrimination, and actions that damage others' reputations or credence.
(4) Actions that violate laws and regulations, or actions that are contrary to public order and morality and promote crime or unsafe actions.
(5) Actions related to invitations or advertisements for commercial purposes.

2. In the event that our company detects an action that comes under any of the items in the preceding paragraph (including personal information), our company reserves the right to take action, including the deletion of information related to these actions and of other information that our company deems inappropriate, without notifying the user. However, our company shall not be responsible for taking these actions or for explaining the reasons for taking these actions.

Article 4 Usage restrictions

1. Information displayed in this App and parts of the functions are provided via the Internet. Therefore, all or part of the functions of this App or all functions may be restricted in an environment where communication cannot be established. Our company shall be able to restrict access to information and functions from any user in any instance, without prior notification.
2. Our company may decide to add functions and content to this App, or to stop, suspend or terminate provision of all or part of the functions of this App.

Article 5 Disclaimer regarding guarantees and liability restrictions

1. Our company does not guarantee that this App can be used with no difficulty, is free from defects, displays and publishes accurate information, is complete and timely, is beneficial to all users, is useful and appropriate for a user, or is available in specific areas.
2. Unless otherwise stipulated by applicable laws and regulations, our company assumes no responsibility whatsoever for damages suffered by a user of this App, including deleted or lost user-registered information caused by a pause, termination, unavailability or change of services that our company provides through this App, even in cases when our company has recognized the damage or possibility of damage in advance.

Article 6 Cooperation with SNS services

1. Logging in to the account of an SNS service (Facebook, Twitter etc.) (hereinafter collectively referred to as "SNS services") linked from the information page of this application enables the user to transmit to the SNS service information posted on the linking source page. In such a case, the user shall understand that access to the Internet, etc., is required; that the user may need to agree separately to the terms and conditions of the SNS service, and that these requirements are to be met at the user's expense and responsibility. In addition, our company shall take no responsibility regarding any information, services or any other action of the SNS service.
2. With respect to cooperation with SNS services, the SNS service account information input by the user will be transmitted only to the relevant SNS service, and will not be acquired by our company.
3. Our company may at any time restrict connection to SNS services or change / suspend / terminate cooperation with SNS services at any time.

Article 7 Intellectual property rights

1. Intellectual property rights related to this App belong to our company or parties that have granted licenses to our company. Using, reproducing, copying or selling this App and information published in this App for commercial purposes, whether in whole or in part, may infringe upon our company's or a third party's intellectual property rights.
2. The copyright on comments etc., sent by the user via this App belongs to the user.
3. Our company shall be able to use any comments etc., made by the user (including their reproduction, public distribution, presentation, modification and translation.) without charge and to allow a third party to use these comments. The user agrees in advance not to exercise his or her copyright or moral rights against our company or against any third party specified by our company.

Article 8 Governing law and judicial jurisdiction litigation

The validity, implementation and interpretation of these terms of use shall be governed by the Laws of Japan (excluding the Act on General Rules for Application of Laws). The Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive consensus court of jurisdiction in the first instance when the need for judicial action regarding the terms of use arises between parties.

Article 9 Inquiries

For inquiries about this App, please contact our company using the following inquiry form.


Established on February 9, 2015
Revision: August 29, 2016
Revision: January 20, 2017

YORIP Application Privacy Policy

Ver 1.2

This Application Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as 'this privacy policy') defines the handling of user information (hereinafter referred to as 'user information') obtained via the smartphone travel information application 'YORIP' (hereinafter referred to as 'this App') that is operated by Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company"). Users should agree to this privacy policy before using this App.

1. User Information Acquired

(1) The user information acquired by our company through user input into this app is as follows.
- User attribute information (gender, year of birth, residential area)
- Nickname
- Information on stamp acquisition via the Stamp Rally function
- Search terms input to conduct a search
- Comments on sightseeing spots

(2) Use of this App automatically provides our company with the following user information.
- Identification information (device OS, model, browser, device unique ID, App ID, language used)
- Usage history (access log, date and time of use, area of use, connection environment)
- Location information (latitude and longitude, time)

(3) This App uses Cookies and Web beacons on some pages for the purpose of analyzing app utilization. These Cookies and Web beacons do not provide our company with any personal information from the user.

2. Purpose of Use

Our company uses the user information acquired for the following purposes.
(1) To provide services via this App, such as the provision of travel information, stamp rallies, posting of comments on sightseeing spots, etc. (All user information)
(2) To display advertisements (User attribute information, identification information, usage history, location information, search terms)
(3) To provide PUSH notification to indicate proximity to a topic or registered sightseeing spot (User attribute information, identification information, usage history, location information, search terms)
(4) To improve the quality and functionality of this App, and its user-friendliness (All user information)
(5) To provide to third parties for the purpose of advertising, in order to invigorate local communities, and to improve the user-friendliness of this App and make it more widely known (Comments on sightseeing spots, user attribute information)

3. External Transmission, Provision of Information to Third Parties, Information Collection Modules

(1) External transmission
① All user information acquired by this App is sent to a server in Japan administered by our company or by a company commissioned by our company to perform operations (hereinafter referred to as the 'administrative server'), and is used by our company for the purposes set out in Article 2.
② In order to display map information using Google Maps APIs provided by Google, this App sends location information to a Google server located in the United States of America.

(2) Provision of information to third parties
① This App displays on the details page for the relevant sightseeing spot 'Comments on sightseeing spots', the nickname of the user posting the comment and the date on which the comment was posted.
② Our company may, for the purpose of advertising in order to invigorate local communities, to improve the user-friendliness of this App and make it more widely known, transmit to a third party, such as a partner company with which our company has a contract, user attribute information and 'Comments on sightseeing spots'. In the event that the user attribute information or 'Comments on sightseeing spots' contains information that might make it possible to identify an individual, this may be altered or deleted before the information is transmitted.
③ In the cases set out in ① and ②, user information will not be provided to a third party unless the user personally consents, or unless provision of the information is requested by law. However, user information acquired by this App may be provided to a third party after the information has been statistically processed to prevent identify of the individual.

(3) Information Collection Modules
A Google Analytics access analysis module provided by Google is incorporated into this App. For information on the items of information acquired by Google Analytics, their purpose of use and whether they are made available to third parties, and for information on their privacy policy, please check the URLs given below.

Overview of Google Analytics -

Google's privacy policy -

4. Outsourcing

Our company may, within the scope necessary to achieve the purpose of use, provide acquired user information to a company commissioned by our company to perform operations. Our company will exercise appropriate supervision over the said commissioned company in line with our standards for the handling of confidential information.

5. Methods of Notification, Publication and Obtaining Approval

(1) This privacy policy is notified and displayed to the user when the App is installed.
(2) In order to be able to use the services of this App, the user must check the checkbox confirming agreement with this privacy policy and then press the button to advance to the next screen, thus indicating that the user agrees to this privacy policy.

6. Participation by the User

(1) The nickname and attribute information can be altered from the App's profile screen.
(2) Once posted, 'Comments on sightseeing spots' cannot be edited or deleted.
(3) A user who wishes to prevent this App acquiring location information must set the location information service of the smartphone to Off. When this service is switched Off the user will not be able to make use of the PUSH notification indicating proximity to a registered sightseeing spot.

7. Revocation of Agreement

A user who wishes to revoke agreement to this privacy policy must delete this App. Deletion means that the user will no longer be able to use the services provided by this App.

8. Handling of User Information on Deletion of this App or Termination of its Use

(1) If the user deletes (uninstalls) this App, our company determines that the user has terminated usage of this App.
(2) If the user deletes this App from the smartphone using the smartphone's delete function, information held by this App and stored on the smartphone is immediately deleted.
- Note that user information (App ID) stored by the OS remains on the device.
(3) Should the user reinstall this App on the same smartphone, based on the App ID the OS will be able to retrieve the user nickname, attribute information (gender, year of birth, area of residence) and usage history from the administrative server on which it is stored.
(4) Should the user acquire a new smartphone, the user nickname, attribute information and usage history cannot be passed on, as the App ID will be different.
(5) Should the user replace or discard the smartphone without first deleting this App, the user information stored on the smartphone will not be deleted.
(6) The administrative server cannot detect that this App has been deleted from a smartphone. Therefore, user information acquired through this App and stored on the server will remain on the server, even after this App has been deleted.
(7) User information remaining on the administrative server from a user who has deleted this App will be used by our company within the scope of the 'Purpose of Use' stipulated in Article 2.

9. Privacy Protection on Linked External Sites

The Web page screens displayed by this App contain links to external sites. Our company cannot bear any responsibility with regard to the acquisition and use of personal information carried out by such sites.

10. User Information Security Control Measures

Our company implements strict security measures so as to prevent the leakage, destruction or impairment of acquired user information and its use for other than the intended purpose.

11. Contact Information for Inquiries

For inquiries regarding user information, please use the following inquiry form:


12. Updates, Modifications to and Notification of This Privacy Policy

Our company may revise this privacy policy without obtaining the agreement of the user. In the case of a major change, such as a change in the purpose of use, changes regarding the provision of information to a third party, etc., notification will be made via this App and the agreement of the user obtained.

Established on February 9, 2015
Revision: January 20, 2017
Revision: July 31, 2017